The New Smoker Issue No. 8 – GROW ISSUE

One to grow on…

We know you love your herb and all the fun and fancy products that one can find it in as much as we do. But how much do you know about where your cannabis comes from and how it’s grown? Probably not much more than once checking out your college friend’s thrown together grow-closet that grew a couple decent plants before the smell got them kicked out of the dorms and college for good. And now they’re probably just some million dollar ganja-preneur now, the poor kid.

Does growing your own grass seem daunting and out of your reach? Do your backyard buds fall short of a decent smoke because you didn’t dry and cure it properly, and all you taste is hay with each puff? Do you have a brown thumb? Have no fear! We’ve put all the basics of growing good ganja in issue 8 of The New Smoker Magazine online & out now!!

Filled with quick growing guides, tours of a variety of cannabis farms, an interview with classic cannabis grow icon Ed Rosenthal, music to grow your plants by, and so much more! By the end of the issue, you might find you have a [...]

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