Natural Smoke Wraps

The Vapes of Wrath.

A terrible wind blew across the plains and Old Man Gunderson’s crops were reduced to a heaping hodgepodge of agricultural detritus. Corn mazes cut a swath, annihilated asparagus and pulverized pumpkins. “What to do??!!,” shouted Mrs. Gunderson and it was at that moment that little Linus Gunderson stood up, looked at the joint he was smoking, frowned at the artificial rolling paper, looked out to his once abundant field and said, “Let them smoke this. Let us all smoke this.”

The elder Gundersons understood Linus for the first time. They could now use their broken corn husks and use as them as wraps for bud. They can use their veggies and hand make rolling papers from them so you can smoke your favorite strain in the most natural way possible. A dawning of a new day. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes the Gundersons’ crops are reborn and Linus is now allowed to smoke inside the main barn. For he reaped what he sowed and Mellow Fellow’s harvest is gonna’ get you high.


Fruit Slabs

An adult fruit rollup that’s not edible undies.

Maybe you haven’t had a fruit rollup in decades because you’re not 8 years old. But somewhere in the back of your mind you’ve had a craving for that flat peeled-off sugar-paper that somewhat suggests various fruit flavors. Well then Fruit Slabs answer your inner child’s desire! It’s your childhood fruit rollup just for adults that makes you feel like a kid again. A really baked kid.

100% Organic & flavorful and full of childhood daydreams.

(Contact Fruit Slabs for pricing and dispensaries.)

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