Rebel Edibles

Confectionary for the counter culture…

These are the sort of edibles you were warned about. The sort of edible that picks up your daughter in a motorcycle for the school dance and leaves tire tracks on your lawn. The sort of edible that spikes the punch bowl and then drives you to “make-out point”. Rebel Edible packs a hair-comb switchblade and has a roach collection in the ashtray of a ‘67 Camaro.

It started off innocently enough. It was no different than a Snickers or Kit Kat Bar. Content in a white bread world surrounded by peanut butter cups and sour worms. Things change though and snacks grow up. There was a dispensary across the street so when the lights went out the tame candy bars snuck out to see what all the fuss was about. “It’s always greener on the other side,” whispered an intrepid young truffle. That giant illuminated green cross beckoned them into a world they could only imagine.

Next thing you knew a regular ol’ caramel was sporting 8 mgs of THC and it started to take on a rich and buttery texture. Blame it on Rebel Edibles for corrupting your desserts while elevating the senses.


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