Rocketship Water Pipe

4, 3, 2, & to the 1… Lift off!

Snoop Dogg is to bongs what Pete Sampras is to tennis racquets. This stylish water pipe has been given the Doggfather seal of approval, which means big hits and heavy highs. Coolness is the case that they gave you, what with three ice pinches that allow you to stack ice cubes for a more refreshing vapor taste. Pair your sesh with a lovely gin and/or juice and let all your homies down in the LBC know that you will be rolling through and lookin’ to engage in game of cee-lo.

Will you receive instant street cred after taking a few hits from your Snoop Pound Rocketship? We aren’t saying that, but we also aren’t not saying that. A bong designed by Snoop will in most likelihood help you fall back on that ass with a hellified gangster lean. Research has shown that it will aid you in getting funky on the mic like an old batch of collard greens. Furthermore, as a purveyor of quality, Mr. Dogg most likely had this in mind during the R&D phase: “I think they in a mood for some mothafuckin’ G shit. We gotta give ’em what dey [...]

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