Wood Glass Bubbler

A naturally righteous bubbler…

At first glance, this bubbler looks like a judge’s gavel which in a way makes sense, because both represent a change of consciousness. In the world of the gavel you are a free man one moment, and you are imprisoned in the next. In the Marley Naturals Bubbler’s case you may feel like an imprisoned man, and then once you get to toking you may have found a sense of freedom.

Maybe judge’s everywhere can abandon the gavel altogether and just smoke a bowl at the end of every trial instead. If the man is acquitted, he gets to hit the bowl and take a picture with the judge and bailiff. Then that picture gets put onto the Superior Court website.

If the man is convicted the judge smokes two bowls (one for himself and one for the defendant who gets nothing). In the case of a jury trial the entire jury gets handed a Marley Natural’s Bubbler and they collectively fire up a bowl upon reading the sentence.

This is life in Weed Court.


Ferro Porcelain Bong

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Rocketship Water Pipe

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