Love and Marij

‘Til Breath Do Us Part.

The romantic souls from Love and Marij have introduced a way to make the most important day of your life a cannabis filled purple haze of marital bliss. Switch out the champagne for quality buds and maybe even get yourself a stylish hemp tux or gown to boot. Love and Marij will pair you up with cannabis friendly vendors that will turn your pedestrian wedding into your dream event, replete with budtenders, personalized Kush cards, and even a cannabis themed chapel, if that’s your bag.

Exchange rings and then bong rips with the one you love and the friends you get high with. We understand that you have to invite grandma too, who still wears her “Goldwater in ‘64” campaign pin and bemoans marijuana as the devil’s weed, so just have uncle Mike drive her home when the festivities kick up and make sure none of your really baked friends requests “The Electric Slide.” A high aunt Mildred is never to do “The Electric Slide.” It’s a wedding after all, not an exorcism.


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