Torii Re-Leaf

A shot of relaxation

Torii Labs has introduced some rather sleek looking UV resistant shot vials that contain a combination of cannabis oil and active wild herbs, designed to give you relief from what ails ya’. If you had a rough week working hard at work worth doing, Torii Re-leaf is the sort of elixir that will set your pain at ease. It is also good for anxiety so instead of fretting about the repo man finding your Maserati parked at your mother’s house just grab a shot of Re-Leaf and let the cards fall where they may.

Have you been trapped inside an All You Can Eat buffet for the last few weeks? Been on a month long bender? Competitive Rocky Mountain Oyster eater? Torii Re-Leaf is also known for it’s detoxifying characteristics so the next time you enjoy a plate of Chicken Vindaloo and wash it down with some Fireball do yourself a favor and reach for Re-Leaf in the morning and get back on track.


Cannatonic Tonic

A sublime sublingual… It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’ve tuned into Tincture Radio, playing all those edible delights for you on your graveyard shift. We’ve got a special request going out to all those sublingual freaks out there. A cool and mellow high is coming your way from the groovy cats over at […]


Inhale & exhale, but definitely inhale… A Yoga practice done in conjunction with the benefits of CBD. Introducing the new hotness by Marijuanasana. Say goodbye to Bikram and hello to CBD. No better way to get you out of your head and deep into your downward dog. Upping the ante on healing, Marijuanasana is a […]

Hemp Seed Body Lotion

Super Easy Skankin’

Hemp might not be as hip as it’s other cannabis cousins just because it doesn’t get anyone high. But Marley Natural’s Hemp Seed Body Lotin is almost the second next best thing.

Spreading this on your body is like having Bob Marley himself comedown from rasta-heaven and perform all of Kaya in it’s entirety in a secret show just for your skin. Silky, smooth, and singing “Easy Skankin'” til your pores scream with irie excitement. Like St. Bob himself is giving your inner-ears a foot massage. That’s how good Marley Natural’s Hemp Seed Body Lotion is.

Or something kinda like that…

Well maybe not quite like that at all, but it is really good for your skin. And it’s been blessed by St. Bob himself…’s estate.

Ganja Yoga

Brahma’s breath In the great aftermath of the epic battles of the Vedas -when Vishnu and Hanuman strode the earth vanquishing their enemies- the ancient peoples of the Indus Valley yearned for rest, focus, meditation, and an elevation of their spirits. Thus Brahma breathed the wisdom of Yoga into the Upanishads to help the people […]

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