CBD Living Water

“It’s Alive!”

Deep inside the bowels of a 14th century castle located on a remote island in the middle of an undiscovered ocean lies the laboratory of a mad scientist hellbent on creating the perfect water. Inspired at a young age by rushing rivers, brilliant waterfalls, and an insatiable thirst brought on by constant dry mouth, Dr. Hydrostein had an idea to combine the therapeutic elements of cannabis with the purest and most revitalizing water around.

Voted “most likely to create great water” in high school, Dr. Hydrostein received a full scholarship to study nano-technology on the mainland. His studies gained him attention from all the top water developers and artisanal hydrotherapy collectives. His findings created waves however and soon he was chased back to his island hideout where he used government grant money to create a giant laser like the one used by Rick Moranis in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”.

Using this new tool, he managed to shrink the CBD molecules to within a millionth of their size and infuse it in pure electrolyte water, thereby bypassing the blood brain barrier. Results have been startling. Reports of 100% bio availability have been documented. The local villagers have even reported sightings of [...]

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