Gravitron Gravity Bong

The Dom Perignon of Gravity Bongs…

Finally a gravity bong that doesn’t wreak of jerry-rigged, impromptu shabbiness. Grav Labs has created the Rolls Royce of gravity bongs: The Gravitron and it’s high time you give it a spin. Resembling an empty bottle of Cristal resting inside a translucent ice bucket, this gravity bong is the sort of gravity bong you can be proud of. Dare we say, introduce to mom.

It’s as if that old crusty and leaky homemade gravity bong you have collecting dust in your tool shed brushed itself off one day, got a haircut and a good paying job and fixed all it’s faults in the process. Then one morning it knocked on your front door dressed to the nines and you stand there hardly able to believe your eyes. You: Holy crap, is that you old gravity bong? Gravitron: No, no. That was the old me. I’ve turned over a new pot-leaf. This is the new me. You like? You: Hells to the yeah! Gravitron: Wanna get married? You: Does the Pope poop in the woods??

Let the shame of past gravity bongs wash away like so much soot and grime and wrap your lungs around this triumph of design. Like a [...]

Better Bong Water

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CBD Living Water

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