Mary Jane Gang

Momma warned you about this jacket…

Local Police Blotter:

Over the weekend a large gathering of female cannabis lovers donning “Mary Jane” jackets took over a sleepy hamlet in Northern California. They rode in on their Harley Davidsons wearing dark sunglasses and blasting Melissa Etheridge. Their shorts were incredibly short and their black leather boots gave the impression they meant business.

Local matrons shielded their childrens’ eyes as the Mary Jane Gang walked down Main Street. They gathered on the porch of local cannabis legend Loretta Green Thumb as they smoked their joints and kicked their feet up. “Where did you get those cool jackets?” asked one intrepid spirit. That was too much for local authorities who feared a corruptible tide was on the horizon.

There was little the town constable could do as the Mary Jane Gang were within their rights for now. They rode out of town the next day with their heads held high, leaving behind a cloud of odiferous indifference. The townsfolk gathered and watched as a motorized sea of marauding mommas left the town in their wake. They left behind a jacket to remember them by. It lay in the town square with a note that read, “For all [...]

Anytime Blazer

The Blazer’s blazer… The fashion forward designers at Smythe have envisioned a world where you can mingle in high society whilst subtly conveying your affinity for marijuana. The Anytime Blazer is a sexy piece created for any occasion, just as long as the attendees aren’t stuffy conservatives and teetotalers. Emblazoned with cannabis leaves woven into […]

ASCHE: Grinder Necklace

Not for the thin of wallet… An elite necklace for elite smokers who travel in elite circles and like to grind elite buds. I know what you are thinking, “This sounds mighty elitist.” Perhaps it does but Asche’s 18k Locket Mill grinder necklace is not for the thin of wallet or faint at heart. It […]

Sativa Marijuana Leaf

Shining Bright Like A Diamond… Time to hit the retro club like it’s 2012. Put on a uniprint midriff sport suit accented by some sweet sativa leaf bud bling earrings by Genifer M (they go with any era) and dance to all those classic hits by Rihanna, Gotye, Fun, Psy, Bruno Mars and even Carly Rae. […]

Poppins Stash Bag

A bagful of bud helps the medicine go down… If a mysterious magical nanny came down to earth on a rain dusted umbrella, full of smiles, secrets, and charm, then tricked you and your siblings to sing catchy tunes while you all learned child labor can be fun, we’re pretty sure you’d all have to […]

Blunted Objects

Cannabis Chique… Gone are the days of the ostentatious potleaf medallion hanging off a fake gold rope chain. Blunted Objects brings style and craftsmanship to the cannabis community and makes it more than ok to show off your affinity for getting high. Adorn your ears with some Killer Leaf Hoops as you go out for […]

Marie Turnor – The Stash

You put your spells in there… Traditionally, the leather stash pouch was used by magical herbal merchants who kept their pouch on their waist and offered such “beans” to weary travelers and curious townsfolk alike, giving cloudy daydreams of giants and singing harps.  (Magic “beans” indeed… puff puff) In feudal Japan, the leather stash pouch […]

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