Bud + Breakfast

Wake n Bake n Smoke n Sleep

Remember that little weekend vacation you took with the misses at that nice smoke-free hotel where you both had to dress in all black and sneak out to a secluded spot on the resort grounds just to smoke one measly joint? We’ve all been there. Bud+Breakfast is so not that place.

Located at The Adagio in Denver this herb friendly hotel is the Hilton of Hash. Bringing a whole new meaning to hospitality you can enjoy a wake n’ bake breakfast with other green-minded folk in a cannabis oriented and hassle free environment. Leave your ninja gear at home because you need not sneak around here. Smoke freely and often in the comfort of this 6 room boutique hotel and yes, there is a 4:20 happy hour because duh, that’s why.


Sweetflag Firestarter Kit

I’m the Firestarter… Admitly a 90s electro song from Prodigy doesn’t have much to do with Sweetflag’s Firestarter Travel Kit, other than sharing its name. But we get a kick out of imagining the spikey haired punk-ish Prodigy singer city kid from the dirty streets of London… out for a first night of camping under alpine […]

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