Borosilicate Glass Beaker Bong

The science of getting high…

Higher Standards has created a waterpipe that is part bong, and part beaker. A Beaker-Bong, if you will. It’s fitting as experimentation goes hand in hand with getting high and finding the antidote to dengue fever. This is a durable and medical grade bong which means you are essentially one step away from taking the Hippocratic Oath and referring to yourself as Dr. Dankbuds, professor emeritus of Ganja Studies.

Reporter (from a renowned medical journal): So tell us Dr. Dankbuds, what have you discovered with your latest experiments in herbology?

Dr. Dankbuds: Good question Stacey, after intensive research with my Beaker Bong I have concluded that it is possible to spend over $20 at Taco Bell post smoke sesh. My findings have also informed me that after ripping through several bowls it is possible to look at one’s own self from an interplanetary dimension where matter melts and new colors are presented to you by an all knowing orb of light. For the purposes of this discussion we may refer to this orb as “Henry”.

[Thunderous applause from all the gathered luminaries in your head after said serious smoke sesh using said Beaker Bong.]


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