Ferro Porcelain Bong

Ribbed for your pleasure…?

Billowby’s Ferro porcelain bong by Printabowl is not so much a bong as it is a status piece for practitioners of black magic. Something you might smoke out of before you light candles to honor the underworld. It’s an imposing and sleek water pipe to be handled in such a way as to not disturb the spirits that swirl around it’s 10mm lab-grade borosilicate glass slide.

It also doubles as a fine museum piece, if your museum is located in the vicinity of Hades. Not evil mind you, but bold, foreboding and transcendent. Something you use at illuminati meetings or dark arts gatherings. Is it cursed? We didn’t say that but we know a guy who smoked out of it and now he wears a black trench coat and speaks in whispers. He warns everyone of the coming epoch where water pipes of this ilk regenerate themselves using 3D printers all on their own. A sentient bong that slowly but surely takes over all bongs and then all matter until the world as we know it becomes a dense cloud of smoke revolving around one monolithic Ferro Porcelain bong. A water pipe that creates it’s own atmosphere and gravity [...]

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