Jonathan Adler – Hashish Candle

Bougie Parfumé.

“You put your weed in there…”

Ever wanted to make your room smell like good herb without having to have the hassle of smoking some weed? Wanna be a hippy or just smell like one? Then this Hashish Candle by Jonathan Adler might be just what you need. Or maybe you want to cover up the bong hit you just had so your dorm RA will get confused trying to bust you again. Or just get as a cute gift for that unsuspecting grandmother who might not read the fine print with bad eyes, and her rest home friends and staff will get a good chuckle as she declares “Isn’t my grandchild so sweet for thinking of me?”

This sinfully scented candle is also a convenient place to put your pot. When the candle burns out, the porcelain vessel makes the perfect stash box. Of course.


Malin & Goetz Cannabis Candle

Want to be a stoner, or just smell like one?

Sometimes you want the sweet smell of cannabis without all the bother of getting high. Malin & Goetz Cannabis Candle strives to do just that soothing, relaxing, and without the smell of burnouts.

Their cannabis scent is a synthesis of the sexy, spicy, peppery notes evocative of the cannabis plant. But sadly, this candle doesn’t actually contain any cannabis. That’s the part you’ll have to provide.

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