Orb Stash – Golden Snitch

Fantastic Stashes and Where To Find Them.

Imagine this: You’re watching the Harry Potter series high for the 20th time, only this time, right in the middle of the big Quidditch match you pull out your own Golden Snitch and roll it on the coffee table and say to your friend “Lumos!”. Then when they look at you with awed confusion you crack it open and reveal the big beautiful bud you’d stashed in there earlier like the wizard you are, and pack a big bowl for the whole room to get magical.

This shining golden treasure box has been precision-machined out of solid aerospace aluminum alloy in California. The interior threading insures that the two halves fit perfectly together, with a gasket for an airtight seal. Place the Orb Stash – Golden Snitch on your shelf and keep with a gasket for an airtight seal. 


Beton Brut Container

Post Modern Apocalypse… In future days, when some distant descendent of a dying humanity stumbles across the remnants of the Information Age lost to time after the Great Cataclysm, they might not know how to interpret the abudant daily used items of their ancestors. A toilet seat on its own might be seen as a […]

Humidity Regulator

Integrity, humidity, & honor… In the eternal battle for humidity control Integra has just fired off the first shot. For over a thousand years humidity, both a lack thereof or an abundance of, has wreaked havoc on cannabis crops throughout the world. The gatekeepers of the Golden Leaf had denied mankind the secret to perfect […]


AnnaBis’ Maya Clutch

Keep a baby skunk in your purse!

Tired of getting stopped by drug dogs at the club? Embarrased when you open your purse to pull out lipstick and pot puffs into the bartenders face? Ever wanted to bring a teeny tiny pet skunk when you go out but were afraid you’d stink out the restaurant? Worry no more, AnnaBis has created the Maya Clutch purse to cover all those inconvenient odors.

In these heady days of dank discretion, the modern stylish woman needs a way to carry with confidence. Maya is such a stylish bag in fact, you might want one just for the way it looks. (Though probably more for the way it hides that sticki-icky doubly dank bud smell pouring out of your purse.)

You can throw it in a tote for the picnic, or keep it in your hand at a dinner party. It’s got an easy-access but secure external phone pocket to maximize marijuana storage inside. Two internal Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments use super high technology to keep even the strongest-smelling herb contained. It also neatly organizes your tools of discretion like mints, eyedrops, papers, and perfume.

Perfect for the graceful ganja girl on the go.

The Classy Stash

You put your fancy weed in there…

If you’re the kind of fancy guy who waxes his mustache up to keep it out of the way of his self-rolled organic joints, then this is the classy stash for you. Stash your stash in this stash to keep your ‘stache happy & your sticky stash safe & sound.

Hearkening back to the days of liquor cabinets and cigar boxes, small pox and child labor… Walnut Studio’s hand-crafted leather Classy Stash organizes your cannabis strains into three glass stash jars, protecting them from the light, preserving them from drying out, and confining all odors. Even fancy moldy euro-cheese, we assume.

You might be even able to stash your ‘stache wax in there too and get your super ‘stache super high too.

3- 6 Strain Cannador

Not your Grandpa’s humidor. Preservation and protection do not only apply to National Parks, inter-city bridge and tunnels, and the back catalogue of the Jonas brothers. It is now de rigueur for any self styled cannabis aficionado. Putting the Can in Cannador, this herb humidor will keep your bud as fresh and sticky as the day […]

RELAX Stash Jar

Van Der Pop Rules. You need to relax. That’s the third time this week you’ve snapped at the dog for no reason and you are starting to curse at the television screen again. The company is downsizing, your Christmas bonus was a cooking wok, the mother-in-law is visiting this weekend, and junior needs braces. Worries […]


Stash your stash in style. Stashlogix has created the ultimate carrying case for the discreet stoner on the go. It is chock full of accoutrements to ensure the quality and delivery of your bud and unlike the gym bag you use for Krav Maga class it never wreaks. As an added feature it comes with […]

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