24K Gold Rolling Papers

Puff Puff Bling…

Has your joint rolling game reached it’s maxim potential with traditional rolling papers? Or do your gold teeth caps get offended by basic blunt raps? Or maybe you are looking to separate yourself from the wanna be billionaire Hamptons crowd next summer? Does no one notice you anymore? Time to up your pimp game with some 24k Gold Rolling Papers!

Not cuz you need them, just cuz you gotsta have them! Be seen again at Biff & Buffy’s wanna be White Party impressing the “higher” class with your bud bling. Or pull it one out a puff on it at the back stage Snoop Dogg meet n greet and try and top his ganja game. Or maybe they’ll dig it at next year’s White Ocean plug-n-play camp for the Uber Rich at Burning Man. Either way, wherever you spark it up you’ll sure have plenty of people looking at you like your crazy for smoking money. Cuz you are.



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