Ceramic Sectional Rolling Tray

C’est “tray” cool…

You have left bits of flower and stems behind on your dresser drawer again. You are now in trouble with the missus because she understands that cleanliness is next to godliness and your heathen ways knows no bounds. She reminds you that she is not your maid and she would prefer not to clean up after you every time you roll a joint or pack a fat bowl…. Which happens to be often.

If you love her or even if you like her you would be well advised to bring Felt + Fat’s ceramic sectional tray into your home. Consider it your Alpha Base Zero for all Cannabis related endeavors. Keep your “mess” and your gear within the sleek confines of this lightweight tray and allow it to save your union while freeing your mind of all clutter and psychic pain. Can a simple tray really do all that you ask? First of all, it is so much more than a tray, it’s a life saver… and the answer is yes.


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