Mondo Powder

A gentle karate chop of love…

Do you love edibles so much that you eat a tray of pot brownies and find yourself simultaneously on an undiscovered planet, but also in a sugar filled hell of your own making? Shhhhhh, don’t answer. We are here to help and so are the forward thinking people at Mondo who have made a vegan, gluten free low dose powder that you can feel good about adding to anything you already enjoy at any time of the day. You enjoy smoothies in the morning? Mondo Powder would be perfect in that. You like yogurt? Hellooooo… Mondo Powder would be so very perfect in your Chobani. You like to eat Chicken Vindaloo out of an old shoe? Mondo Powder would be the perfect cherry on top.

We see Mondo Powder as the benevolent ninja of edibles because it seamlessly disguises itself in whatever you dissolve it in only to sneak up on you minutes later with a gentle karate chop of love.

Grab a spoonful and explore.



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