RELAX Bath Soak

A woke soak

Have you ever wanted to tea bag yourself? Wait! No, that didn’t come across right. Let’s try this; Have you ever wanted to crawl inside a tea bag and then let yourself sink into a large tub of water? Hmmmm, better but I don’t think it’s quite right. How about this; You like weed right? You like CBD and how it relaxes you? Great, now we are off and running. Venice Relief offers lavender scented drawstring bags that contain Hemp CBD, essential oils and Epsom salt, that make bath time oh so much fun.

Slip into the scents and sensations of Venice Relief Bath Soak and watch your anxiety and joint pain call itself an Uber and leave you. Let the CBD and whole plant extracts do their thing as you melt into the tub and make those water bubbles with your mouth as you pit one rubber duckie against another in a sort of small scale Battle of Trafalgar where the only true winner is good vibes


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