1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet

A Bud By Any Other Name

Any amateur can get a dozen roses for their loved one, but it takes a real cannasieur to take love to the next level. And nothing says “I love you” like a 1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet from Lowell Farms

Roses whither and die in the vase in days, but a bud bouquet is a gift that keeps on giving over and over and over… and it’s definitely going to make Valentine’s Day a lot more frisky and fun for all.

Roses might get you kissed, but a bouquet of bud will get you kissed all over.



Love and Marij

‘Til Breath Do Us Part. The romantic souls from Love and Marij have introduced a way to make the most important day of your life a cannabis filled purple haze of marital bliss. Switch out the champagne for quality buds and maybe even get yourself a stylish hemp tux or gown to boot. Love and […]

Irie Weddings

“If you love weed so much, why don’t you marry it??”

Don’t challenge us with a good time! These days bong-loads of people are doing it. So many in fact there are whole cannabis companies and wedding expos made for just such a special canna-occasion… with hemp wedding dresses, weed wedding cakes, potleaf table-displays, bud-brews, wine with weed, even bud bouquets and men’s bud boutonnieres. Every adult at your wedding can get as high as f… uh, feelings are on that special day.

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