Zendo Infused

Zhat good gooey zhit..

Zometimes you just want to znack on zomething zweet and get ztoned. For those times we zuggest Zendo Edibles. Make an epic PB&J using Zendo’s 50mg infused peanut butter, but for the love of everything holy do not mix that up with junior’s school lunch.

Or take a more nonconformist approach with your cannabis peanut butter by spreading it on your enemies’ doorknobs. When they get pissed off because they have peanut butter on their hands include a Post-it note that says “lick it”. When they oblige and get high you can jump out from behind a bush and give a thumbs up. Your enemy has now been turned and you may commence a lasting friendship.

Don’t think Zendo doesn’t have your health in mind either. Start cooking with their hybrid strain coconut oil and trade recipes with your stoner pals. It also works as a topical, so feel free to apply it to your chest and strut around the pool club wondering how deep the deep end goes.

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