Terpene Lollipops

“Lick it, lick it good…”

You love the terpene taste of your favorite cannabis oil vape pen strain, but you can’t be high all the time (at least maybe not at work). Well then Pandora’s Terpene Lollipops are just for you! So while you wait for the slowest work clock in the world to strike 5pm, you can simply unwrap a sweet n tasty, non-medicated Pandora’s Lollipop, and lick your way to calm and quick satisfaction.

Like Blackberry Kush? You can lick it! Need some Grapefruit OG?  You must lick it! You’ll never truly taste Grape Wreck… unless you lick it! Lick it, lick it good!

(Pandora’s Lollipops come in both heart shaped Aphrodisiac Lollipops, as well as Vulva shaped ones, if your feeling extra sassy.)

 Terpenes provided by ACME Elixirs


Mind Tricks

Toffee memories & cannabis dreams… When treating oneself to Mind Tricks Cannabis Toffee one is reminded of simpler times spent at Granny’s house in the Adirondacks. Beloved nan would reach into her Vienna Fingers tin and pull out a homemade toffee treat for you after a hard day of fishing and rabble rousing with the local […]

Wild Sigurberry

Mïnd föød męéts möôd müšįc. Øwnlee â möosic grroøp fraüm Êyesslænd wöod poót mæd op werds weth müud möosick, und mæk nęwe soónds söe mægickal und sįrræl. Nœw bænd Sigur Rós, und gœrmaÿ ædibel mækęr Lord Jones, hæv coöm tógedr tø cræte “Wild Sigurberry” cännæbîss-ênphüsd gümdrœps! Jüste â cœple uf gümdrœps und yu wįlle bæ flöeting öffe ônn […]

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