Chocolate Cannabis Blueberry Bites

Take a bite and take flight.

Kiva’s Blueberry Terra Bites are some seriously tasty THC treats. One can easily pop in a large hand full of these badboys before remembering that they actually contain cannabis inside of them. That’s when the too-much-fun really starts.

Kiva is the “go-to” chocolate snack for daytime highs and dank desserts. Each bite contains only 5mgs of THC which makes this user friendly to even the newest of edible newbs. An easygoing high with a delicious aftertaste that’s setting a HIGH bar for edible chocolates.


Satori Chocolate

An enlightened edible… “Satori” is the act of seeing into one’s true nature. The stripped down, bare bones version of one’s honest self. Free from ego or attachment. What better way to plunge those depths than consuming a 240mg Satori dark chocolate bar made from high potency cannabis oil and only the finest ingredients like […]

Seasonal Treat Red Boxes

A Sensimilla Stocking Stuffer… If the terms green, organic, and fair-trade make you salivate, then a Baceae edible is just for you. If you like to get deliciously high, and lessen your carbon footprint on the planet, then a Baceae gourmet edible is just what you need. If you like little red boxes to go with […]

Mind Tricks

Toffee memories & cannabis dreams… When treating oneself to Mind Tricks Cannabis Toffee one is reminded of simpler times spent at Granny’s house in the Adirondacks. Beloved nan would reach into her Vienna Fingers tin and pull out a homemade toffee treat for you after a hard day of fishing and rabble rousing with the local […]

Baceae Chocolate Tart

Let them eat tarts… Chocolate edibles that focus on bringing you great tasting treats as well as quality highs. The Baceae: Experience series of chocolate sativa tarts are tailor made for giving you the edge you crave when accomplishing household chores, like Swiffering crawlspaces, or rearranging your porcelain cats. The Baceae: Enhance line introduces Sativa chocolates that […]

WYLD Chocolates

Show your Wyld side. Caribou Theater. A One Act Play. Set in the great Northwest. Open on two caribou…  Caribou #1 (James): Where the hell were you Kenny? It’s hunting season. I was worried sick. Caribou #2 (Kenny): I am so sorry James. It’s just that… I can’t hardly even explain it… James: You better […]

Altai Chocolates

Chocolates that defy time At once throwbacks and forward thinking these chocolates bring us back to the sweets of our youth yet catapult us into a stratum that is all too futuristic. Altai Chocolate Bon Bons are decorated with the brushstrokes of a Pollock painting and filled with ingredients like Tahitian vanilla and upwards to […]

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