Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts

For that inner ganja gourmand
Karin Lazarus “The Martha Stewart of weed baking”

It’s about time your cupcake and lemon bar game reached the next level. Have you ever said to yourself, This chocolate ganache is excellent, but what it’s missing is a bunch of ganja… Well, welcome to Sweet Mary Jane’s cannabis dessert cookbook. We certainly have come a long way since Irma Rombauer’s “The Joy of Cooking”.

Thankfully we have the good people at Sweet Mary Jane and Karin Lazarus to usher in the new era of hyper-conscious snacking. This cannabis cookbook has over 75 cannabis-infused dessert recipes that puts the “high” in high-end cooking.

So put down your Mario Batali instructional on how to make the perfect gnocchi, and let Karin Lazarus take your hand into a new dimension of baking. Your next potluck dinner will be the stuff of legends.


To Whom It May Chocolates

Dear Anyone, Is deliciousness something you particularly enjoy? Does getting just the right amount of high, sweetly & smokelessly, seem like a thing you’d totally be into? Are high quality confections with high quality highs important to you? No? Seriously…?? Well then, Mr. Mediocre, you’re reading the wrong review. In fact you’re living the wrong life, […]

Lord Jones Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels

Blessings from on High

Reading from the Queen Jane’s translation of The CannaBible:

Cannabisians 4:20

-Then the Lord Jones said, “And I will fetch a fine morsel of exquisite edibles to comfort ye your hearts, minds, and souls. And after ye shall pass into a blissful state: for therefore are ye come to your inner baked bliss.” And they said, So do, as thou hast said.

-And the Lord Jones made it so giving the faithful mighty Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels and majestic All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops and more for all of age to enjoy to their high heart’s content.

-So let it be written, so let it be done.

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