Chill, Hustle, Zero

Puffs like sugar… sugar kisses

Remember that super cute edgy girl you simultaneously had a mad crush on and were scared shittless by in high school? She would walk by in class or in the halls, and the young babe-breeze she created as she brushed by you would smell like messy cherry-lipstick, vanilla-smacked gum, with weed & peach schnapps perfume… topped with a little leather & lace, and a whole lot of trouble.

Ah, those whiffs of her alluring aura you wished you could be smothered in. That adorably dangerous air you wanted to breathe in deeply for the rest of your life. The intoxicating smell of sass, sensuality, and total lack giving a shit about what anyone thinks…

This is the essence of every puff of the infamous Suicide Girls new line of 100% Cannabis Oil vapes. Dangerously delicious. Sweet and sassy. Sexy and satisfying. With three different kinds of moods to get into: Chill, Hustle & Zero… there’s a marijuana ménage à trois of fun feelings to be had for everyone. Just a few puffs and you’re right where you want to be… sugar kissed and high AF.



Organic Shaving Soaps

For those who crave a dope shave. Look good for your date with dankness with Dr. Bronner’s shaving soap. All natural ingredients like the multi-faceted and healing hemp oil and the awesome sounding Shikakai powder. Maybe next time you go to your local dispensary you can use Dr. Bronner’s and come clean shaven to show […]

Gold Leaf Slip-on Sneakers

Divine Gold Leaf Sneaks The future illustrious Pontiff of Pot, Pope Cannabis CDXX himself, might slip on a pair of these fine Italian gold leaf leather sneakers designed by Palm Angels sold at Farfetch. Wearing them as he steps out of his bed chambers onto the veranda of the Vatican of Weed in the heart of […]

Little Barn Apothecary’s Beard Oil

Get Your Beard Buzzed!

Manliness is so back in fashion it’s almost out. Rugged-chic is in so in style even the dads are doing it. There are more hip beards and mustaches on the fresh faces of 20 and 30 year olds than there’s been since the movie Moulin Rouge, or 70s porn. And what better way to care for all that fierce facial hair than a vetiver + juniper infused beard oil? Make your beard feel as happy and high as you do!

Recycled Hemp Beanie & Shawl

Hip Hemp Hat & Shawl

Rainy days. Cold winds. A warm cup of good coffee. A pipe full of craft cannabis. It’s another fine Summer in Seattle.

Time to cozy up in your backyard eco-yurt reading your favorite Bill Bryson book for the third time.

Good thing you’ve got your sustainable recycled-hemp Wrap Shawl and Yurt Beanie by Yellow 108 on to keep your body warm and your carbon footprint low. Summers in Seattle can be brutal, and so can the eco-guilt.

The Safety Case

Making the case. At once a travel case for all your cannabis related accoutrement and an odor neutralizer to boot! If one was super sensitive to strong smells, one might be in good mind to have Black Rock’s smell proof Safety Case double as a gym sock bag, or bacon transporter, or maybe it’s easier just […]

Hemp Soap on a Rope

Because Cleanliness is next to Godliness… “Why do I need hemp soap on a rope?” We’re glad you asked us this question silently in your head. First off, soap on a rope can be invaluable if you suffer from slippery hand syndrome, or if you just feel like wearing the fashionable green soap pot leaf […]

1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet

A Bud By Any Other Name…

Any amateur can get a dozen roses for their loved one, but it takes a real cannasieur to take love to the next level. And nothing says “I love you” like a 1 Ounce Cannabis Bouquet from Lowell Farms.

Roses whither and die in the vase in days, but a bud bouquet is a gift that keeps on giving over and over and over… and it’s definitely going to make Valentine’s Day a lot more frisky and fun for all.

Roses might get you kissed, but a bouquet of bud will get you kissed all over.


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