The New Smoker magazine: Issue No.7 – Edibles

All About Edibles!

So you’re curious about edibles, but you’ve heard all the horror stories. Or you’ve experienced some bad trips yourself and have sworn off edibles forever. Either way you’re not sure you want to dive into the depths of what can be one of the most intense cannabis highs out there. For better… or for worse.

Fair enough, most people aren’t deep sea divers. Most of us like to just swim on the surface and play, with only a few trips into deeper waters (subconscious leviathans lurk down there). But with just the right dose of just the right edible, one can simply swim and surf the weed waves as they playfully roll you along. First, it’s probably best to learn how to swim.

Dive into the latest issue of The New Smoker magazine, All About Edibles, and let us be your guide and show you the do’s and don’ts, the why and why nots, and the how and… how nots(?) of conscious cannabis consumption.

Featuring: Edible reviews, Articles on the science behind edibles and whether inhaling or injesting is better, True Tales of Extreme Edibles Experiences (EEE!!), Profiles of some of the top women in weed today, a post-apocalyptic love story, [...]

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