Stone Road

Stoned up the road…

“Thank you brother for the load (of Stone Road)
But I guess that all my stuff is stowed
I guess it’s time for me to go
To get stoned up the road, I get stoned on
Stoned on up the road

If your heart is heavy with indecision
And businessmen howl from down on the street
You can lose that weight with no incision
If you get stoned up the road, stoned on
Stoned on up the road.”

– Music & Lyrics: The Mother Hips

– Premium Pot Prerolls by Stone Road


Blunted Objects

Cannabis Chique… Gone are the days of the ostentatious potleaf medallion hanging off a fake gold rope chain. Blunted Objects brings style and craftsmanship to the cannabis community and makes it more than ok to show off your affinity for getting high. Adorn your ears with some Killer Leaf Hoops as you go out for […]

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