How I Get High™

Coming out of the grow-closet.
How I Get High™ – ‘Soren Gray, Editor in Chief of The New Smoker’ – photographer Rick Proctor
How I Get High™ Microdosing -photographer Rick Proctor

Not everyone is loud and proud about their affection for cannabis. The stigma around “getting high” as a negative has been promoted for so long now, even those who use cannabis as purely medicine still feel shy about sharing their story. Not to mention those of us who enjoy smoking grass purely for the love of it.

“How I Get High” is a groundbreaking photo series by Rick Proctor intent on removing these stigmas imposed by those ignorant of the myriad of benefits of consuming can
nabis: medicinally, emotionally, physically, psychologically. Proctor steps into a day in the life of a wide variety of subjects and shines a loving light on a lifestyle left too long in the shadows. Normalizing this beneficial budding lifestyle helps us all come out of the [...]

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