Nonnie’s Nectar

The nectar of the cannabis gods…

Nonnie, while once an enterprising young woman, is now a state of mind. The fine people from Nonnie’s Nectar offer softgel capsules containing the healing properties of CBD. Much desired to combat inflammation and joint pain each dose will lift you from the doldrums of your day to day grind. Please do not confuse this with Donnie’s Nectar however, which is actually a really gross pasta sauce sold from the back of Donny’s Trans Am. Also, do not mix this up with Lonnie’s Nectar which as far as we can tell is a self-tanning cream sold by one of Hollywood, Florida’s premiere Lonnie Anderson impersonators.

What you want is Nonnie’s Nectar! Each CBD gel is made with a water soluble liquid formulated for optimal bioavailability. This doesn’t mean that it’s available to go out on dates or anything like that you weirdo. What it means is it’s designed to absorb into your system much quicker and more effectively. We wish a certified biologist were here to explain these things to you but alas none were available because none were approached. The memory of Nonnie and her offspring are devising ways to help you transcend the mundane. [...]

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