Mr Moxey’s Mints

Freshen your brain breath with mind mints

Mr. Moxey is like that eccentric old farmer who sits on the side of the county road surrounded by his pickup truck, his prized chicken and a sign that reads “Herbal Remedies”. The straight-laced town folk pay him no heed but those in the know come far and wide to sample his wares.

“Whatyya’ peddlin’ Mr. Moxey?”
“I’m glad ya’ asked yungin’. Got me here my Mr Moxy’s CBD Mints in the flavors of ginger, cinnamon and peppermint. Pop in a few and it’ll cure what ails ya.”
“I’ll take several cases Mr. Moxey.”

Fear not intrepid spirits for you need not go deep into organic farm country to seek out the roadside rarities of Mr. Moxey. He is now found at many local med shops or online. These magical medicinal mints come in “farm chic” artisan tins reminding you that all true medicine comes from the ground.

It’s only after sampling that you leave firm soil.


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