Deviant Dabs

A hellscape of deviance and delight…

They called young Eddie Bellflower a deviant. They kicked him out of his pot collective and put his mugshot all over the town of Cannabis Junction. They said his ways were impure and they disapproved of his methods. He was given the scarlet letter as set forth by the THC elders. They placed a crown of cannabis leaves as heavy as the bong rips he took on his head and cast him astray.

Eddie showed them all because Eddie was not afraid to Dab. He held onto his deviance proudly because it was the only way he knew. The way of the strong lunged and adventure seeking. To dab was not a sin and young Eddie sang it loudly and proudly. His hits were the thing of legend and pretty soon the ol’ townsfolk let him ride back into town and regale them with his tales of trips taken to lands unknown. Courtesy of Deviant Dabs of course. Oh how he spun a mean yarn while taking in some heavy dabs. How their eyes turned big and their hands greedy with anticipation. “Just a dab will do ya,” he replied.


Stealth Hot Knife

Col. Concentrate in the Smoking Room with the Hot Knife Dabbing finally gets the respect it almost deserves with the world’s first electric dabbing device. Stealth Tech’s Hot Knife is a handy little tool that has the appearance of a stylish Mont Blanc pen. Class. With adept use, it can cut deep to the heart […]

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