Stealth Hot Knife

Col. Concentrate in the Smoking Room with the Hot Knife

Dabbing finally gets the respect it almost deserves with the world’s first electric dabbing device. Stealth Tech’s Hot Knife is a handy little tool that has the appearance of a stylish Mont Blanc pen. Class. With adept use, it can cut deep to the heart of your high, melting your concentrate in it’s easy to fill reservoir, like you’re about to pen prophetic poetry into the smoke of your soul.

So the next time someone dares judge you on your penchant for dabbing, and accuses you of being just another “dab dude”… be sure to pull out your Stealth Hot Knife and wave it around like you are Riff from West Side Story. It would help if you could carry a tune and break into “Jet Song” but that it isn’t a requirement. What’s important is showing everyone that you grab life by the horns and you refuse to dab like some improvisatory barbarian. You rely on a state of the art one touch button system to heat up your wax with no mess and blast you into realms unknown.

Think of your Hot Knife as a sort of teleportation wand and use [...]

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