Little Brittons – Chocolate Truffles

It’s the little things that pack the biggest punch…

These powerful little chocolate truffles come inside a box emblazoned with a wax insignia of a potleaf. It’s as if they were handed out by the king of cannabis himself. A man who rules on high with a glass bong scepter and a crown made of buds. He lives in an edible castle high on a hill, surrounded by a moat of pure THC oil. From his stone(d) balcony he throws these Little Brittons down to his loyal subjects and they can’t get enough.

People clamor to get within sight of the great man and his bag of edible truffles. Townsfolk lie in hammocks across the kingdom with chocolate stains around their mouths. They all mutter something about how great that king is. Little Brittons come in several flavors and pack 75mg of THC in each box. Artisanal-french style truffles for the royal and pedestrian class alike. We all deserve to get high.

Long live the chocolate edible!


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