URB Concrete Pipe

Form Over Function.

Your first thought might be, “Ooo, this is a cool looking pipe. Looks like a piece of post-modern art or something.

Then you pick it up and think, “How the hell do I smoke out of this thing?

You then might think the front loading bowl might be where you light it, like a one-hitter bat, but you’d be wrong. You plug that bowl with the cork lid and then light it through the five little holes on top. Weird, but sure let’s try new things.

Then when you pull the cork lid off to check the bowl to pack it down or burn the unburned green it all fall into your lap. (Tilt it up? Oooooh… yah, still doesn’t help much). And don’t press your thumb on the hole side like you would regular bowl to habitually pack it, unless you want a sweet 5 dot brand on your thumb print.

But we will say this for it, it looks great as a show piece on the shelf, or in a gallery, or in an art photo. Loads of points for style. Oh, and it fits great in your pocket. But form should never supersede function.

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