Strain Review: SKYWALKER O.G

A Sci-Fi Strain Review

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” is how I tend to feel after a nice long evening-puff of some stellar SKYWALKER O.G. Not knocked out, distant, and faded. But more like I’m in a really cool movie in my head with lazers, and wookies, and chatting robts, and sexy bikini clad ladies laying on giant crime-lord slugs in the dessert below a flying city.

I realize most people might not always have the vivid imagination I do in those moments, but for most people this indica-dominant hybrid O.G (though most think it an indica) gives new excitement to the activity of relaxing. It has become the goto creative O.G. that helps you relax, and also inspires you while you work on your latest screenplay, song, animation, graphic design project, or game level.

This is also the kind of relaxing smoke that’s perfect for sitting back puffing while watching something blow-up on your big action movie home theater screen. Unlike many indica’s or indica dominant hybrids, you won’t pass out during the middle of the movie. You’ll sit through the whole thing, and might even enjoy the boring parts.

Leafly tells us “this plant [...]

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