Love Hemp™ Body Salve

Love Thyself, Salve Thyself…

Apply often, apply deeply, apply with reckless abandon… just as long as you apply. Allow the healing properties of Love Hemp melt into your skin, sink into your bones and trickle it’s way inside your veins. Let those veins carry the siren song of pure relaxation to the CBD starved synapses of your brain. Then let your mind type out some primordial Morse code that is filtered through your pituitary gland and beamed out through space and time to the mother ship of your soul.

Lay back in your cloud of righteous slumber and await transmission from the place where your consciousness was born, somewhere within the ever vibrating waves of electricity that exist between your domesticated vessel and that of your projected self. Ask it to shed the trappings of your daily existence and grant it safe passage through the celestial bodies of exalted truth. Gently lift anchor and push your ego raft into the great, ethereal embrace of mother hemp. Wave to it as it points it’s compass to the pulsating heart of all that is illuminated to us in our greatest time of need. Know that it is real because it contains the power to [...]

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