Limited Edition: Io Water Pipe

The moon jumped over the cow.

When Zeus covered the earth with clouds to hide his affair with the Princess Io from his wife Hera, little did he know his paramour would become the stuff of legend. First Zeus transformed the pretty princess into a white cow when Hera wasn’t fooled by the global cloudy day. Then after wandering the world for a golden age, she was transformed back into a woman and bore many children until she passed from this realm.

A couple of millennia later, Io was reborn again as a moon forever in a dance with Jupiter as they swing around the Sun, swaying to the music of the spheres. Her latest transformation into a post-modern piece of smokable art by Tokyo Smokes further propels the Io tale into the 21st century.

This Io is a limited edition 3D printed water pipe (only 5 made!), created in partnership with acclaimed designed studio Partisans. The black porcelain and stainless steel pipes are not only high-tech art pieces, but the next incarnations of a legend.



Better Bong Water

Give Piece a chance… A designer bong deserves designer water. Would you fill up the tank of your brand new Ferrari with Mountain Dew? Let the record show that you would not. Than why continue to fill up your beautiful, shimmering new water pipe with tap water? The same tap water you wash your hands […]

Fruit Fantasy

The apple of your high… In the future, all humans will be allotted one ceramic apple to smoke their weed out of. This is by official decree from the newly appointed galactic overseer, Rebus X. Rebus was born in a synthetic apple orchard on the planet Nebulack. He grew up a weed farmer and led […]

Ferro Porcelain Bong

Ribbed for your pleasure…? Billowby’s Ferro porcelain bong by Printabowl is not so much a bong as it is a status piece for practitioners of black magic. Something you might smoke out of before you light candles to honor the underworld. It’s an imposing and sleek water pipe to be handled in such a way as […]

Chongo Ceramic Bong

“Ce n’est pas une bong”

When is a bong not a bong? When it’s a piece of modern art. The Chongo is the simple and elegant original all-ceramic bong by Summerland.

Sure, the Chongo is not revolutionary in design. The Chongolio is not the next trend in bong design. It’s not especially expensive. What it is is instantly recognizable as a classic beautiful bong, but an updated version – like a classic car with a fresh paint job and body work. With it’s pure white, ceramic design, and the classic shape, the Chongo is a timeless piece for the distinguished smoker.

And if anyone asks what that bong is doing on your shelf you can always say… “Ce n’est pas une bong. C’est d’art!”

Ceramic Hookah

Old made new… The year was 1976. Istanbul, Turkey. Deep in the heart of the Grand Bazaar sat a small shop that sold traditional hookahs to tourists and local purists. Manning the shop was a young apprentice who diligently mopped the floors and shined the pipes so that they may attract the wandering eye of […]

Gravitron Gravity Bong

The Dom Perignon of Gravity Bongs… Finally a gravity bong that doesn’t wreak of jerry-rigged, impromptu shabbiness. Grav Labs has created the Rolls Royce of gravity bongs: The Gravitron and it’s high time you give it a spin. Resembling an empty bottle of Cristal resting inside a translucent ice bucket, this gravity bong is the […]

Boost: Black Edition

The Power of the Dub… Take your cannabis wax and/or oil to new heights with the world’s first portable, battery powered dab rig. The Boost: Black Edition is a surefire way to transport you deep into the multiverse without the need for a torch or some intricate scaffolding apparatus that resembles those delicious Doozer Sticks […]

Borosilicate Glass Beaker Bong

The science of getting high… Higher Standards has created a waterpipe that is part bong, and part beaker. A Beaker-Bong, if you will. It’s fitting as experimentation goes hand in hand with getting high and finding the antidote to dengue fever. This is a durable and medical grade bong which means you are essentially one […]

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