The great vape escape

Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life

The famed poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott said that… before going bankrupt and dying of Typhus.

It’s the Higherlighter‘s discretion that lends this rather sleek vape pen from Bloomfarms its clandestine cache.

Easily tucked away like those old photographs of you playing the electric keyboard in the local glam rock band. Plus, environmentally friendly like your kid sister who recently got her degree in wetlands ecology with a minor in underwater basket weaving.

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Hälsa Topicals by Keoki

Essential oils for essential highs. Hälsa’s essential oil roll-ons will transport you to the Norse Lands, navigating fjords and basking in the glow of the Aurora Borealis. Apply liberally and freely and feel like you’re riding shotgun with Thor Heyerdahl himself as you tap into your cerebral Kon Tiki in search of everlasting bliss. High […]

Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum

Luxuriate and Medicate. Elemi, Clary Sage, Cedar, Cistus, Baobab, Kukui and Jojoba are all fine names for Harry Potter characters and Tom Cruise offspring but they are also the names of the essential oils found within Crave’s: Alchemy Oil Lux Body Serum. Chief amongst them is the medicinal potency of CBD oil that elevates this product […]

Brite Labs – Liquid Love

Shining “Brite” like a diamond… Hey want to dig through tons of fancy packaging with tons of labels and boxes and bags and crap, only to find a cheap plastic nasty tasting bottom-barrel trim-mix of canna-oil mixed with polygolygooblygoop additive to thin out the good stuff? Neither do we. Thankfully, Brite-Labs vapes are none of […]

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