High Maintenance HBO

From Vimeo to HBO.

It’s just one of those days. A day where the world gets in your way. The anti-cruise. No cruising. No green lights. Nothing flows. Every connection missed. Every train out of commission. The kind of day much better spent if you’d never left the bed, and called your weed guy instead.

One phone call, and he’s on the way to save the day. Like a hipster Superman, only on a bike, with a beard, and less hair… and no superpowers. Ok, not that much like Superman. But still he saves the day. Now imagine everyone else in the city having their own crazy kind of day. And they all need a little bit of help from “The Guy”. This is High Maintenance, the internet smash show started on Vimeo, and now in its second season starting on HBO in January 2018. Whether you enjoy the good green or not, it’s got something for everyone. Some times a little too much something… but in the best ways.

But before they got into the “big time” productions for subscription cable TV, we chatted with the husband and wife show creators, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, when they were still just an internet [...]

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