The Lux Clip Range

Puffing the last puff with poise.

The days of the mini jumper cable clips are over. High Society’s Lux Clip range of wearable roach clips will make you want to exclusively smoke one millimeter micro-joints the rest of your green days.

Tell your lady her bold new High Society necklace/roach clip really brings out her beautiful bloodshot eyes.


The Cannabis Taster

Dear Dank Dairy… “Today I smoked the craziest single hit weed I’ve ever had yet: Nuclear Facemelter OG. I think it used to be called Kitten Claw Kush, but that was way too tame a name for such a beast of a bud, so I’ve renamed it. Prewarned this sticky icky might warp speed my […]


The “Stoned Army” Knife… You’ve been there. You’ve got all the right pot products in front of you, ready for you chop, grind, cut, and roll… but you don’t have all the right tools. Never fear, Nuggy is here! The “Stoned Army” knife for the on-the-go cannabis craftsman who wants to have the right tools […]

Stealth Hot Knife

Col. Concentrate in the Smoking Room with the Hot Knife Dabbing finally gets the respect it almost deserves with the world’s first electric dabbing device. Stealth Tech’s Hot Knife is a handy little tool that has the appearance of a stylish Mont Blanc pen. Class. With adept use, it can cut deep to the heart […]

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