Legal Weed

Get your joints out. Class is in session…

So you want to start a dispensary but all you’ve got is this 9 x 8 toolshed, a hydroponic setup and a secondhand cash register plundered from the ash heap of a long forgotten Circuit City in the North Valley. You are gonna’ need more than that my well meaning friend. Remember the words of our favorite monk, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who said in a roundabout way that “Hell is paved with good intentions.” Don’t become a statistic.

Before setting out into the great green yonder know your rights and know what it means to be cannabis compliant in the ever murky waters of California law in relationship to marijuana consumption and distribution. The good people at Manzuri Law have provided us an essential resource in understanding your rights and parameters on becoming a state licensed pot business in California. Join the party but do it within the sweet, tender and everlasting embrace of Lady Justice who we all know is blind and who may or may not be able to restore some of that vision with the help of a lil’ weed. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

In the burgeoning field of cannabis [...]

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