Chikuno Cube

“Air Filter for the discerning Air Purist”

We are in no way suggesting your herb may be impure or offensive to the olfactory senses, but your mother-in-law who is visiting from Muncie, Indiana this weekend may not share your affinity for the dankness of your buds.

This is where Rikumo’s Chikuno Cube House Air Purifier comes into play. As you free your mind burning your strain of choice, allow Chikuno to cleanse the air around you and have your surroundings smelling as fresh as Mt. Fuji’s snowy peak.

The Japanese design Chikuno Air Purifier is made from activated charcoal, which means it is steps above pedestrian charcoal, or (gasp) lazy charcoal. It’s porous nature and honeycomb structure are engineered to draw out every impurity. Something even your local Shaman can’t promise. Seriously though, you should just take whatever your Shaman says with a grain of salt anyway.


The Rocket Grinder

The Perfect Pocket P… Grinder.

Still trying to break up bud in your lap in your car after pulling it out of that folded up piece of binder paper you just got from that guy at work? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Just carry a Rocket Grinder keychain like a pro. It’s a pretty perfect pocket keychain that holds, grinds, and lets you perfectly pour your herb on to you rolling paper. And when needed it even helps you smoke your herb with it’s one hitter mouth piece. Who could ask anything more from a frickin keychain?!

As their tag line says, “Another reason to not forget your keychain at home… stoner.”

(K, we added the stoner part.)

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