Nitrogen Packaging

Seal the deal.

Grandma was from the old country… where winters were fierce, and summers lasted for only hours. She spoke of canning and preserving in an urgent and vital manner. She pickled vegetables, fruits, linens, table saws, pretty much everything. And when she opened them up again years later they appeared as good as new. You sensed she came from a great line of embalmers that worked their craft through the Valley of the Kings.

The natural descendants of this canning craft are appropriately called Prophet, and their patented cannabis nitrogen preservation process will keep bud fresher than anything found inside your local dispensary’s mason jar. They will embrace nitrogen like a homely aunt, and shun oxidation at every corner like a pious bishop. For this is their process, and like a good sausage you need not know where it came from. Just know the air tight and odor proof process is sound and hold your strain (indica, sativa or hybrid available) to the light and bask in its freshness.

Take down that old black and white photo of Nana, dust it off and tell her in Lithuanian how you still carry the torch for preservation and quality. Then close the door [...]

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