Gold Leaf Paintings

Good as gold

Framing plants is a thing. Framing gilded plants? Also a thing.

WTF, you ask? It’s called “being swanky”, mutha-fucka!! (insert Hank Mooney voiceover sample). And nothing says swank more decisively than framed golden cannabis leaves by London’s Silke Spingies on display in all the important places of your home and office. Full swank. Full stop.

Apparently, these gilded cannabis leaves also make excellent gifts. Etsy recommends it. These works of art seem particularly appropriate for Father’s Day, and presumably Dad’s birthday, too. Who knew? We did. Your dad’s a classy guy. So don’t be cheap, man. Get him what he wants, even needs… golden cannabis leaf paintings for his bedroom, bathroom, and obviously his study, filled with rich mahogany and many leather bound books that still hide his old stash from the ’70s.



Hallmark for Cannasieurs. “To my beloved Agnes, I’m writing you this letter from deep within the Sumatran jungle. My search for the elusive Albino River Tiger has entered it’s third week. The villagers have taken to me and in a display of generosity have gifted me with these rare plants. Their properties are most curious […]

How I Get High™

Coming out of the grow-closet. Not everyone is loud and proud about their affection for cannabis. The stigma around “getting high” as a negative has been promoted for so long now, even those who use cannabis as purely medicine still feel shy about sharing their story. Not to mention those of us who enjoy smoking grass purely […]

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