Mobile Spa & Cannabis Experience

The Four Twenty Seasons…

Dear Galpals,

I am cordially inviting my nearest and dearest friends to help celebrate the coming Harvest Moon. Our Wiccan sisterhood is strong and there is no one I’d rather form a coven with than you. I have called upon KindSpa to treat us all to a day of facials, massages and various cannabis related treats to help heal our vessels while giving praise to the Moon Goddess and Horned God.

We will receive a gift bag with edibles and oil filled vaporizers to help guide us into the next cycle. Please meet by the open field near the In-N-Out Burger off the interstate highway. There will be a large black cauldron in the middle, near the summer fete canopy, where appetizers and spa teas will be served promptly at 7pm. Wear virgin white gowns (floral headdresses optional) and prepare to be transported into an ethereal world of magic and euphoria.

Sincerely, your most high priestess

~ Jenny ~


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