Love + Destroy

Smoke with the one who brought you to the dance…

Love + Destroy one-hitters are a relic from the past, updated for modern sensibilities. If this lovely little pipe had it’s own Facebook profile it’s relationship status would say “It’s Complicated.” Not because it’s difficult to understand, far from it. Rather it’s because of it’s understated nature. It doesn’t demand your love, nor does it ask of you the things a glass bong would. Neither does it expect you to charge it or care for it like a vaporizer. It’s quite comfortable being your beautiful mistress which you turn to in times of need. Or it’s content in being that old flame you stashed away to make room for all the bells and whistles of modern day cannabis consumption.

As you sit in your ivory throne surrounded by the newest psychedelic gadgetry, you wistfully long for a simpler time and lament the days of the one-hitter. That handy little piece that made you fall in love with weed to begin with. With one fell swoop you lash out at all your pricey water pipes and electronic ganja atomizers and you fall to your knees crying. “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?” You [...]

7″ GRAV® Steamroller

Steamroll right over you… Paddy O’Doyle had always been small. The smallest of a brood of twelve. He scrapped his way through life day in and day out, never takin’ no guff. He became a prize fighter at the age of 20, known throughout the circuit as “The Steamroller” on the count of him plowing […]

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