Nitrogen Packaging

Seal the deal.

Grandma was from the old country… where winters were fierce, and summers lasted for only hours. She spoke of canning and preserving in an urgent and vital manner. She pickled vegetables, fruits, linens, table saws, pretty much everything. And when she opened them up again years later they appeared as good as new. You sensed she came from a great line of embalmers that worked their craft through the Valley of the Kings.

The natural descendants of this canning craft are appropriately called Prophet, and their patented cannabis nitrogen preservation process will keep bud fresher than anything found inside your local dispensary’s mason jar. They will embrace nitrogen like a homely aunt, and shun oxidation at every corner like a pious bishop. For this is their process, and like a good sausage you need not know where it came from. Just know the air tight and odor proof process is sound and hold your strain (indica, sativa or hybrid available) to the light and bask in its freshness.

Take down that old black and white photo of Nana, dust it off and tell her in Lithuanian how you still carry the torch for preservation and quality. Then close the door [...]

RELAX Bath Soak

A woke soak Have you ever wanted to tea bag yourself? Wait! No, that didn’t come across right. Let’s try this; Have you ever wanted to crawl inside a tea bag and then let yourself sink into a large tub of water? Hmmmm, better but I don’t think it’s quite right. How about this; You […]

Honey Pot

Not just for calming bears. Honey Pot’s cannabis infused honey, while shaped like a bear, is meant for humans who suffer from a myriad of conditions. If one of these ailments were brought upon by a bear attack however than a deep level of irony is at play. The truth is that Honey Pot’s cannabis […]

M | Box club

“Bud, James Bud.” Opening a monthly subscription M|Box is like getting a special package from “Q” (in this case “M”) before going out on your next secret smoking spy mission. You don’t know what your gonna get but you know it’s gonna be good. And it might just save your life. Imagine each month you […]

Love and Marij

‘Til Breath Do Us Part. The romantic souls from Love and Marij have introduced a way to make the most important day of your life a cannabis filled purple haze of marital bliss. Switch out the champagne for quality buds and maybe even get yourself a stylish hemp tux or gown to boot. Love and […]

Flowers on Flowers

Hot flower on flower action… In Ridley Scott’s fantasy classic Legend, Mia Sara bounces her pretty princess way through a forest so full of Spring, it’s bursting at the branches with puffs of cross-pollinating plants sexing it up in an orgasmic orgy of playful pistils and stiff stamens. This hot flower on flower action is […]

Island Style

Wish they all could be California buds… Throw your longboard on top of your Woodie and meet us down by the PCH. Island Cannabis Co. is a throwback to long Summer days in Southern Cali’ where all you really needed was some sun, surf and a spliff or two. Cannabis culture meets 70’s beach culture […]

Recycled glass Bud Vase

High class glass Did you know? Mother’s Day is May 14th this year. That’s in like a week. (less. less than a week. look at a calendar… we’re not your day-planner). “Oh, crud balls,” you say. “How do I show dearest mother my love in a clever and crafty gift? …For Mother’s Day, which I […]

Alchemy by Dark Heart

Mystery has a flavor. Mystery dresses like Stevie Nicks dancing to The Cure’s cover of a Nick Drake song. She smells like lavender, cinnamon, and blue dream. Mystery sounds like a hundred harps playing in the vacuum of space. She speaks in Middle English sonnets translated into Farsi. Mystery tastes like dragon’s breath spilled into clouds […]

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