Gold Leaf Slip-on Sneakers

Divine Gold Leaf Sneaks

The future illustrious Pontiff of Pot, Pope Cannabis CDXX himself, might slip on a pair of these fine Italian gold leaf leather sneakers designed by Palm Angels sold at Farfetch. Wearing them as he steps out of his bed chambers onto the veranda of the Vatican of Weed in the heart of the Holy Emerald Triangle, the Pot Pope would pull out his sacred golden jewel encrusted pipe passed down from the previous Popes before him, and puff the fresh batch he blessed earlier that day during the 4:20 service.

He would then proceeds to walk his ganja-godly gold leaf sneakers around the cannabis crops closest to harvest, reciting a litany of bud blessings to ensure the next harvest is the stickiest of ickies to get the faithful so high, they’ll become one with the Holy Spirit through every exhale.


The Stash

You put your spells in there… Traditionally, the leather stash pouch was used by magical herbal merchants who kept their pouch on their waist and offered such “beans” to weary travelers and curious townsfolk alike, giving cloudy daydreams of giants and singing harps.  (Magic “beans” indeed… puff puff) In feudal Japan, the leather stash pouch […]

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