KannaKrill CBD Relief for Pets

Man’s best friend meets man’s best friend.

Have years of fetching newspapers and digging holes in your neighbor’s yard got your dog feeling a bit achy or sluggish? Perhaps KannaKrill relief can help. A CBD oil and Krill oil blend developed specifically for pets on the mend (Cats & dogs mostly. Fish & turtles… not so much). It will turn your golden retriever from a shiftless lay about who pretends to enjoy your eight-hour marathon “Call of Duty” sessions, to a bonafide go-getter who will gladly take himself for a walk if need be.

Some KannaKrill tincture will be just the thing for your house cat to turn into a worldly wise cat. Add a little to his meow mix and watch Lt. Whiskerson be the intrepid mouser he always dreamt of being, body-high on what cats call “people-nip” quoting his favorite classic author F. Cats Fitzgerald.

Start thinking about your pets needs and ask yourself, “If it works for me why, wouldn’t it work for Rover or Sylvester?



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Calm and Quiet

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