When life slips you bud butter, make canna-cookies.

You wake up late for an important meeting at the office. You stumble blurry-eyed down the stairs to the kitchen to start the new coffee maker on the counter. You push all of the buttons to try and get it to turn on. Hearing it start, you rush upstairs to dress and stab your foot on a leftover Lego your son forgot to put away. Cursing in pain, you limp up the stairs only to find the kitten has peed on your freshly laid out suit. Chasing him around with a newspaper shouting every obscenity you can think of,  you eventually hear the ding of the coffeemaker finishing and decide to head back to the kitchen for a fresh start.

Only then do you realize what you thought was the coffeemaker is actually the new LEVO cannabis infused for Oil & Butter your wife got you for your birthday. And instead of coffee, you’ve just finished a batch of fine bud-butter you’d started the night before.

Looking at the mess you’ve made of the house you sigh, laugh to yourself in resignation, and decide it’s probably best to call in sick and get edibly baked all day instead.

Good [...]


Home-Brewed Bud

You know that college roommate who suddenly got into home-brewing beer in your small apartment? You had to deal with months of crappy yeast and hop stink only to be rewarded with a couple of bottles of mostly flat “earthy” beer, and pretend to like it just so he’d pay his share of the cable bill that month.

Well now you can be that guy, only with weed! Get Leaf! The personal home grow system so easy even a college roommate can’t screw it up. “Just set it… and forget it!”…as that rotisserie chicken guy used to say. (Mmmmm, rotisserie chicken…)

Yes, you too can try and grow at home what the professionals do much better on the farms!

(Alright, if you have no access to pro-grown bud, or just like to watch weed grow, this is pretty frickin’ dope.)

A Weekly Journal for Cannabis Growers

Pro your Grow “The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau Whether you are a grower taking meticulous notes on cycles, soils, watering methods or harvest moons, or just someone who likes to rewrite their boyfriend’s name in cursive over and over and over again, Gold Leaf’s cannabis journal is just […]

Humidity Regulator

Integrity, humidity, & honor… In the eternal battle for humidity control Integra has just fired off the first shot. For over a thousand years humidity, both a lack thereof or an abundance of, has wreaked havoc on cannabis crops throughout the world. The gatekeepers of the Golden Leaf had denied mankind the secret to perfect […]


ROOT Indoor Garden

Here’s George Jetson…’s home hydro-grow. Ok, it’s almost 2020 and we still don’t have real flying cars or practical jet packs predicted in the 1960s. But we can do something almost unthinkable a half a century ago. If you want to grow a small batch of fine “herb”, as the kids say, in the privacy […]

The Kitchen by Jay Kitchen

Better than bud-porn. If you’re the type of guy who used to sneak peaks at his uncle’s stash of High Times bud centerfolds, pushing aside the Playboys, to get a good grow-geek gander at the sweet seductive sights of bountiful buds brimming with copious crystals and handsome hairs… then Uptown Grow Lab‘s book The Kitchen, by […]


The Tokable Tamagotchi Got the green of thumb itch without the space to grow?  Ever wanted to get great at growing the good green but didn’t want the hassle of actually dealing all the dirt and water and whole plant mess? Miss your old Tamagotchi pocket pet that died on you that one summer you left it a […]

The Source

Just What Your Countertop Needs… another appliance!

Growing at home but don’t know what to do with all that extra trim? Don’t just bake bad batch bud brownies with it, concentrate it in your kitchen! Looking like just another kitchen counter-top blender (because you don’t have enough random cooking gear you barely use on your counter top already…) The Source is a safe, clean, kitchen-safe appliance that uses vacuum and gentle warming to extract and concentrate essential oils. Like everything these days, there’s an app for that.


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