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Herbology & Reflexology: A life science.

Before Aunt Denise received her first cannabis oil massage she thought she had known what relaxation was all about. After all, Aunt Denise had a monthly membership to Massage Envy, she owned many scented candles, wore loose fitting pants and she sleeps with a full body pillow. Sometimes she even used Trigger, her Bernese Mountain Dog, as a cuddle partner. (This has been ever since Uncle Raymond left her for the girl who works the counter at Yogurtland. Something that is never brought up by sober family members).

Then Aunt Denise was approached by a co-worker who was recently massage certified. He noticed by the way she pounded her keyboards that she seemed a bit stressed. He asked if he could do a little body work on her and use Humble Flower Co.’s CBD/THC blended massage oil to heighten the experience. Being a straight arrow all her life Aunt Denise balked at the idea but she knew at that moment that she had been living a lie ever since Raymond left her.

She had indeed been stressed and all of her coping mechanisms were no longer working. She relented and soon fell in love again with Humble [...]

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Thank you so much we are truly honored to be featured. Your platform is really cool and classy, just our style! The creative writing style is awesome and refreshing.

Ryan - Speakeasy 710

The Sigurberry post is fantastic and clever and really fun. We just had a team meeting and were all deciphering it as a group and laughing all the way.

Cindy C. - Lord Jones

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Ellen Swandiak - HOBNOB