Honest Blunts

This blunt don’t front…

In a time of great deception and upheaval shouldn’t your blunts at least be true? The Honest Marijuana Company would concur. Their Honest Blunt kicks sand in the eyes of deceptively rolled blunts that wouldn’t pass mustard at even your most poultry of cannabis diversions.

We all remember that bong you had in high school who stole your prom date, or that glass pipe you once owned that hotwired your car and drove it to Daytona Beach. Or what about that oversized joint that charged twenty thousand dollars in hot stone massages to your black Amex card?

Those are all great examples of dishonest and wayward cannabis accoutrement. The Honest Blunt on the other hand can be trusted with your lawnmower. It can be relied on to not only get you high but pick up your laundry and help you with that power point presentation that is due on Tuesday. It’s a reliable blunt for unreliable times.

All cannabis, from tip to lip, organically grown and machine rolled. Absolutely no tobacco means these blunts are 100% what you are looking for. The nerve of [...]


Humidors aren’t just for cigars anymore. Admit it, you thought the Swiss were just known for precision timepieces, chocolates and neutrality, didn’t you? You couldn’t be more wrong. The fine artisans of Geneva are also renowned for the temples they have built to gold leaf cover cigars. The layman may call it a blunt, but they’d […]

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