Golden Goddess

Good Goddess

The goddess of the hunt walks barefoot through a dewey forest on a chill morning. Supplicants beg her for an audience, asking to know which path to follow out of the forest, first begging to be held in her nurturing embrace. She consents. This is Lush.

The goddess of hidden lakes offers a drink of her enchanted waters. It splashes with rich colors of the rainbow and moves through the body like a bright light, illuminating darkened places and awakening the receiver with all the wisdom of the goddess herself. This is Lucid.

The holy sultry goddess emerges from her temple into green darkness of the heart of the jungle. She alerts all the senses in the most reverent of ways. Worshippers want her and want to be her grace, peace, and transcendence. She makes them know they are holy vibrant creatures just as she. This is Lumin.

Lush, Lucid and Lumin comprise the topical aromatherapy trio from Golden Goddess Botanicals, unique curations of cannabis plant medicine, each ushering you to a unique state of healing, one perfumed CBD roller bottle at a time.



A calm balm… Have little qualm about this releaf balm and it’s capacity to calm. If it’s relief you seek from a stressful week let’s get cheek to cheek so I can show you something unique. It’s a pain relief topical, the THC is nominal, in no way toxical with the quality so methodical. If […]

Hälsa Topicals by Keoki

Essential oils for essential highs. Hälsa’s essential oil roll-ons will transport you to the Norse Lands, navigating fjords and basking in the glow of the Aurora Borealis. Apply liberally and freely and feel like you’re riding shotgun with Thor Heyerdahl himself as you tap into your cerebral Kon Tiki in search of everlasting bliss. High […]

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