24K Fetish Ashtray

Opulence for the discerning smoker.

Despite it’s name, 24K gold plated Fetish Ashtray by designer Joe Doucet is a status symbol first and an ashtray second… and maybe a ransom demand third. Something that you would scold someone for if they dare use it for dropping their pedestrian ashes. If Genghis Khan or Atahualpa smoked the herb (they may very well have) one could imagine that Joe Doucet’s  24K Fetish Ashtray would be close by their side… only to be plundered at a later date by invading armies who now incorporate this ashtray on their coat of arms.

Part flying saucer, part priceless heirloom and part investment, this ashtray would fit just as well inside a safety deposit box as it would next to your favorite rolling station. Only the finest joints need apply for this golden ashtray of the gods.


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